Desert Showdown    
January 16 & 17, 2015 **

Drug Policies & Testing

At the time a horse is enrolled into the Desert Showdown Program, the OWNER of the horse shall sign an authorization form giving the management of the program the permission to drug test that horse at any time they choose once the "Training Period" begins. It shall be understood by the horse owner that if any chemical or other analysis of blood, urine, saliva or any other test, proves positive, showing the presence of any "Prohibited Substance" the horse shall be disqualified from the Desert Showdown Program and it will have lost it's enrollment status and all fees paid.  There will be NO REFUND of any fees paid. 

"Prohibited Substances" shall be include all anabolic steroids, narcotics, stimulants, anesthetics, elephant juice (etorphine), analgesics, erythropoietin (EPO), beta blockers, bicarb, Nitrotain (ethylestrenol), vasodilators, DMSO and all substances listed on the Arizona list of "Medications and Prohibited Substances" ARCI-011-020.
A breakdown of these categories is available.
Here are a just a few common names of prohibited substances:
Clenbuterol, Paylean, Caffeine, all of the Steroids and mixtures such as Mexican Red Bull, the red juice, the pink stuff, the orange stuff, the yellow juice, Nitrotain, Dexamethazone, Lasix, Bute, Banamine, DMSO, all  nerve blocking agents. 
"Prohibited Substances" are not limited to the drugs named specifically. 

All "exceptions" will be reviewed by our Board on a case by case basis and all Board recommendations will by reviewed by the Desert Showdown Management. All decisions of the Management are final. 
During the Training Period "some" therapeutic medications shall be allowed for therapeutic purposes upon the order of a licensed veterinarian subject to PRIOR written approval by Desert Showdown. We will provide some standard permissions for you to keep in a file with your horse. For example:  this means a little Bute, lasix for workouts and similar may be allowable for training as long as it is prescribed/administered (if it is injectable) by a veterinarian. In most situations of true medical emergencies (ie: colic or a laceration) that may require one or more of the prohibited medications to be administered, administration under those circumstances would not count as a "violation" of our drug rules against the horse as long as the medication is given by a licensed veterinarian and you notify the Desert Showdown Management within 24 hours afterwards of the medical emergency situation. If you fail to notify the management of the use of the prohibited medications for an emergency and your horse gets drawn for a drug test, this IS a violation of our rules and your horse may be disqualified if the test comes back positive. 
Under no circumstances can your horse have amounts of any prohibited substance in it's blood, serum or urine that exceed the State's permissible amounts on any day that it races at any AQHA Quarter Horse recognized racetrack.


The "Training Period" officially begins at 12:01am on August 1, 2013 for the 2015 Desert Showdown and shall continue up until the start of the race.
How and How Often?

Testing will be confidential and random.
Our testing shall remain confidential between the owner of the horse, his/her agent, our company and those we hire to represent us. We will not report to anyone that we "did" test your horse; nor will we report any results.
We will rely on the testing results of other racing jurisdictions,  but we will not share our testing information on your horse(s).
Our testing will be completely random. Your horse's name will be placed on a poker chip (or something similar) and a person will choose a name from the hat.  If your horse's name is selected, it's name will be replaced in the "hat" and can be drawn again and again. So one horse is not "off the hook" just because it has already been tested.

Horse owner must cooperate with the management of Desert Showdown regarding drug testing.  Failure to make the horse available for testing or refusing to allow a drug test will result in disqualification. 
All drug testing will be performed in the United States. Horses in training elsewhere must be made available for testing in the United States within 72 hours if that horse is drawn for a test.
We will test "some" horses during the training period.  We will test the top 10 horses that place in the 1st Division. We will test 5 out of 10 horses that place in each of Divisions 2, 3 and 4. 

We don't care "Who done it", or "How it happened."
We don't care if the owner, the trainer, the vet, the disgruntled ex-employee (ex-boyfriend/girlfriend), the jealous competitor or the Martians at midnight did it or if it was by carelessness, accident or mistake, knowingly or unknowingly.  We are not affixing blame to any person.  If the prohibited substance is found in a horse at any time during the training period, during a qualification race or during the main Desert Showdown Event, that horse is disqualified and all money paid for its enrollment and entry is forfeited.  Additionally, if anyone (any racing commission or jurisdiction) catches the horse with a with a positive test for any banned/prohibited substance, that horse is disqualified from our race program. In other words, if we don't catch it but someone else does, your horse is out of our program too. The forfeited money will not be part of the purse as the horse will not be competing.  It will be allocated to drug testing expenses so that we can test more horses or reduce the testing fee to all the participants who are required to pay the fee.
If your horse is tested, what you can expect:

Once the test results are back from the lab, you will be sent a letter with the results.
If the test is negative, you have nothing to worry about, however, your horse may be randomly drawn again for another test in the future.
If the test is positive, the penalty is that your horse will be excluded from the program. It works like this: You will have a choice to
1. Withdraw the horse without a refund, or
2. The horse is disqualified from the program.  You can provide documentation and veterinary certification about the reason for the presence of the prohibited substance and the medical necessity for it and you will have to do this as an Appeal according to the following:
You will have a chance to appeal to Desert Showdown Drug Testing Review & Appeal Board. You must send in your Appeal within 10 days of your receipt of the letter from us or 10 days from it's return to us if it was not claimed when mailed to the address you gave to us when your horse was tested. Failure to appeal on time results in the disqualification of the horse to stand.  If you appeal, you will be allowed to explain if there is a valid reason why the prohibited substance was present. For the purposes of this program, you can not challenge whether or not a prohibited substance was or wasn't present. If the lab finds it, it was there. You are agreeing to accept this when you sign up.
If it's determined by the Board that there is sufficient reason for the presence of the substance, then reinstatement would be immediate. If the Board can not find sufficient reason for the presence of the substance and/or the rules were not followed, then the horse remains excluded from the program. Decisions and recommendations of the Review & Appeal Board are turned over to the Management and All Management decisions are Final. 
Since all Division breakdowns are based off the fastest horse's time, the fastest time will stand even if it is found after the race that the 1st place horse in the 1st Division has a bad drug test and is disqualified.  That disqualification will not affect the starting times for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions that were previously set. If there is a disqualification of a placing horse then the purse money will be recalculated and redistributed but the starting time-to-be-close-to times for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions will not change. Prize money will not be released to connections of the "involved" horses  until the time for appeal has lapsed in the case of a positive drug test.  The connections of the uninvolved horses that can be paid, will be paid as soon as possible.
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